Daughter seeks preview of upcoming 007 movie for terminally-ill James Bond fanatic father

Credit: Remy Millar/James Bond 007/YouTube

"Like every one, he has been eagerly anticipating 'No Time To Die'. But the horrible irony is, it is his time."

Remy Millar is on a mission to get a preview of upcoming James Bond film "No Time To Die" for her terminally-ill father.

James Millar, 57, is a huge fan of the iconic franchise. However, doctors have said he won't make it to October 8, the UK release date for the new film, as he only has a few weeks to live.

After hearing this news, 30-year-old Remy tweeted a video appealing for a preview to be sent to her dad before he passes.

Soundtracked by Bond theme "We Have All The Time In The World", the video shows James's Dorset home - aptly named Bonds Cottage - stuffed with 007 calendars, vintage books, DVDs, postcards, model cars..."everything to do with James Bond".

“A die-hard Bond fan who lives in a house called Bonds Cottage and whose house is stuffed full of memorabilia - I thought it would be a nice surprise if there was any way to get him to see it before it’s too late,” she told ITV News.

No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond, has been delayed three times due to Covid. It's among the year's most highly-anticipated releases but according to Remy, no one wants to see it more than her father.

A younger James with his daughter, Remy. Credit: Remy Millar

"On his sixth birthday, [Bond film] On Her Majesty's Secret Service came out, he went to see that in 1969. He's always been a massive Bond fan," Remy said.

She believes her father has always been drawn, in part, to the franchise's flashy cars and old Hollywood glamour.

Although Remy recognises that No Time To Die is a heavily guarded release, she feels it would provide James with invaluable escapism in his final days.

She explained: "Bond takes everyone into another world. I think to forget about the realities of his situation for a couple of hours would really be a comfort."