Repetitive train announcements to hit the buffers

For many train passengers on daily commutes, they're up there with rail replacement buses for sheer tedium and annoyance.

Repetitive announcements urging people to "See it, say it, sorted", apologising for the late running of services, informing you of what station the train is approaching and has just left and encouraging travellers to take a moment to read the safety instructions leave many a commuter reaching for the volume button on their ear buds.

Now, though, it seems these announcements could soon terminate here.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has promised in a recent white paper that: "There will be fewer annoying and repetitious recorded announcements."

The Sunday Times reports that on a journey from Manchester to London last week, passengers endured 17 pre-recorded messages, including three mentions of the security plea to see it and get it sorted.

The paper reports there were also four live messages on how to buy refreshments - all adding up to one message every seven minutes during the journey.

While fewer announcements will be welcomed by many, others appear to be big fans of them, regularly posting recordings on social media.