Cornwall: Car submerged in water off Polzeath Beach

Nobody was inside the car. Credit: Polzeath Beach Ranger Service

A car was found completely submerged in water off Polzeath beach on Sunday morning.

Polzeath Beach Ranger Service posted a photo of the vehicle on their Facebook page on 27 June, confirming nobody was inside.

The black Volkswagen was parked on the beach before the incoming tide swept it out to sea until it was floating.

The local ranger service said the coastguard and police were alerted at around 3am.

In the Facebook post, it said: "We are monitoring any pollution risk - at the moment there is none, and recovery is being planned.

"Please do not go anywhere near it if you're in the water at Polzeath."

People were quick to comment on the post, reminding people to check tide times.

Polzeath Beach Ranger Service also reminded the public that it is an offence to drive on any of the beaches in Cornwall, unless you have the permission of the landowner.

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