Matt Hancock will find it 'impossible to carry on' as backbench MP, West Suffolk constituency Tory councillor says

Terry Clements, a Conservative councillor in Matt Hancock's constituency, said the party will need to 'think what is good for the country'

Matt Hancock will find it "impossible to carry on" as a backbench MP for West Suffolk, a Tory councillor in his constituency has said.

Terry Clements, a Conservative councillor in the area for 38 years, said he was "disappointed" for the former health secretary after he quit his post after being caught on CCTV allegedly kissing his closest aide in breach of coronavirus guidance.

Mr Clements also suggested Mr Hancock would soon have talks with his local Conservative Party members who would "advise" him about his position.

He continued that in his constituency Mr Hancock has "got a lot of support but at the end of the day, you have to think what is good for the country...

"I believe he’s put himself under so much pressure, he’s put himself in an untenable situation and I’m very disappointed for him."

Photos published by The Sun newspaper on Friday appear to show Mr Hancock in a passionate embrace with Gina Coladangelo at the Department of Health offices in London.

The newspaper alleges the photos were taken on May 6, before the rule of six applied indoors from May 17.

Asked if he thought Mr Hancock, who resigned as health secretary on Saturday should resign as a Member of Parliament, Cllr Clements said he believed that having been health secretary, Mr Hancock would "find it impossible to carry on" as a backbench MP.

"I’ve been in some difficult positions and decisions have to be made. He will come to the right decision, I’m sure of that," Mr Clements said.

Terry Clements, West Suffolk Conservative councillor, says Matt Hancock will find it difficult to continue as an MP Credit: ITV News

He added he sympathised with Mr Hancock, who he thought was a "good chap after all", and he said: "Everyone makes mistakes but that was a catastrophic mistake to make."

He also said: "[The general public)] have a perception on what someone should be and what they shouldn’t be - probably put them up on a pedestal and they expect them to be different themselves, above everything.

"And when you’re in a position of power, it’s very, very difficult to maintain that and the amount of pressure he must’ve been under is tremendous.

"But there was one message and we should've kept with that message."

On the day The Sun published the photos, a Downing Street spokesperson said Prime Minister Boris Johnson had accepted Mr Hancock’s apology and “considers the matter closed”.

Asked if the prime minister acted in the right way by not sacking the former health secretary right away, Cllr Clements said: "If you act in haste, you’ll regret in a long time.

"You’ve got to take time over this, the prime minister’s got to take time over this. He really has to deliberate over this, talk it through."

Former Tory supporter who voted for Matt Hancock says Hancock was the 'wrong person for the job'

One West Suffolk Tory voter who said she regrets supporting the party said: "I think Boris was very wrong to say [Matt Hancock] shouldn't have gone because he was the wrong person for the job."

She continued to say that the prime minister "seems to stand up for his fellow MPs, but he never actually does make the right decision at the right time.

"He does it on the backlash of the public."

'I don't think the prime minister is capable of sacking anybody who has done wrongdoing'

Another constituent blasted the Conservative party and said Mr Hancock should have been sacked for the PPE scandal last year.

He said: "I don't think the prime minister is capable of sacking anybody who has done wrongdoing in the government.

"A lot of people around him are just falling down, making big mistakes and he's just keeping quiet and giving him the green card. I mean, that's not the way to run a government."