Record-breaking temperatures as heatwave grips Canada and US North West

Portland broke its all time heat record for the second day in a row. Credit: PA

Canada has recorded its highest temperature, reaching 46.1C, as an 'intense' heatwave grips the west of the country and the US Pacific North West.

Officials say the village of Lytton, in British Columbia, beat the previous record of 45C which was documented in 84 years ago in Saskatchewan.

The National Weather Service has described the historic heatwave as "unprecedented" and "record-breaking".

Portlanders seek relief from the heat in a fountain. Credit: PA

The US and Canada have both warned citizens of "dangerous" temperatures that could persist this week.

Portland, Oregon, reached 44.4C degrees on Sunday, breaking the all-time temperature record of 42.2C, which was set just a day earlier. Salem also recorded its highest temperature ever.

The heat has disrupted Olympic qualifying events, with Portland experiencing power cuts to more than 3,000 homes.

Credit: PA

Temperatures in Seattle on Sunday saw the city's parks department close a community pool because of “unsafe, dangerous pool deck temperatures”.

Several coronavirus testing sites in King County, in Washington State, were also forced to close due to the heat.

Environment Canada have warned people to avoid strenuous activities, stay hydrated and check on vulnerable neighbours.

The heat wave is expected to continue into early next week for some regions.