Donald Trump's former strategist launches social media site - and is hoping his ex-boss signs up

ITV News US Correspondent reports on Donald Trump taking on the tech giants and the launch of Jason Miller's new social media site

Jason Miller is a man in a hurry and he’s got a lot to talk about.

Not least his new social media site Gettr which he claims is taking on cancel culture one user at a time. It seems to be working - a million people apparently signing up within days.

But it’s one person he’s hoping for, his friend and former boss Donald Trump.

They got through the 2016 campaign side by side, he was involved in 2020 and definitely has an eye on 2024.

Apparently it is just coincidence his new platform - described as a marketplace for free speech - is getting going at the same time as former President Trump takes on the big three social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and Google’s YouTube with a lawsuit.

Jason Miller: 'There's this hunger for this platform where people aren't going to be cancelled'

Will the former President join up? Apparently he has a lot of offers and is considering who to sign up with - though his handle, the same as on Twitter, is being held for him.

Less this seems potentially cancelling we are told the same goes for the current President and Vice President’s handles too.

Miller says he and Donald Trump are chatting a lot and that if he is to have any chance in 2024 he needs a platform - fancy that, there’s one ready made.

Jason Miller (second from the left) was Donald Trump's strategist during his presidential campaign. Credit: AP

As for the decision on the future, 18 months is a long time and despite Donald Trump’s assertions to the contrary, apparently no final decision on running has been made.

When it is, I’d put my money on Miller being involved somehow.

And though he says Gettr is for everyone there’s no doubt there’s one name at the top of his sign up wish list.