England v Italy: Fans breach security at Wembley Stadium at Euro 2020 final

  • Watch as fans breach security, rush past stewards and up stairs at Wembley

ITV News has filmed fans breaching security to get inside Wembley ahead of the Euro 2020 final, but a spokesperson confirmed they did not get inside the ground itself.

Footage shows fans getting through barricades, running past stewards and up steps at the football ground.

A spokesperson for Wembley Stadium said: "There was a breach of security and a small group of people got into the stadium.

"We are now working closely with stadium stewards and security to remove these people. Anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be instantly ejected."

  • ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt explains some fans who breached security were still inside the stadium at half-time

"The ground was locked down from around quarter to six," ITV's Gabriel Clarke said.

"The stewards that we've spoken to made it clear that it was the London ambulance and the police who made that recommendation. There was a risk assessment that took place because there was potential danger to stewards," he explained.

Soon after, the Metropolitan Police had said some people without tickets were attempting to enter the Trafalgar Square fan zone. The force tweeted: “A large crowd of fans have gathered near to the fan zone in Trafalgar Square attempting to push in without tickets. “There are no more tickets or seats available in the fan zone. We’re engaging with this crowd and telling them to disperse.”

  • Fans tear down barricades as they breach security and enter Wembley

The Met Police said the force has been working with Wembley’s security staff to prevent further breaches at the stadium. “Earlier this afternoon there was a breach of security at Wembley Stadium, which resulted in a small number of people getting into the stadium without a ticket. “Officers worked closely with security officials to prevent any further breaches. “We will also support action by Wembley Stadium officials to identify those without tickets and eject them.”

ITV Sport understand the stadium was locked down temporarily when fans breached the security but it has now reopened.

  • Police officers block fans from entering Wembley Stadium

Violent skirmishes have also broken out at Wembley as lines of Met police officers attempted to block fans from entering the stadium.

Hordes of fans continued to gather outside the stadium lighting flares and tearing down barricades.

  • Violence breaks out inside Wembley Stadium

Meanwhile, violence also broke out inside the stadium as video shared on social media shows several people being beaten.

In one distressing video, a young man is seen being punched, while another man was repeatedly kicked as he fell to the floor.

England v Italy kicks off at 8pm on Sunday, July 11. Coverage starts on ITV from 6.30pm - it will also be available to stream live on the ITV Hub.