'A catastrophe if someone else self-isolates': Business owner deletes Covid app 'to stay afloat'

A business owner in Bristol says she has deleted the NHS Covid app from her phone in order to "keep her business afloat".

Ruth Adams, who owns Bristol Panel Formers, says she just cannot take the risk of another member of staff, including herself, self-isolating.

The company, which manufactures bathrooms and cubicles, has just 10 members of staff.

Speaking to ITV News, Ms Adams said: "I am very worried that we will not be able to fulfill everyone's order at the time that they want it.

"It's also worrying that if someone else is told to self-isolate, then that would be an absolute catastrophe.

"I am not going to take the risk because this company couldn't stand to have another member of staff not available for work."

More than half a million people in England were "pinged" by the NHS Covid-19 app in a single week - the highest weekly figure ever recorded.

The soaring numbers of those self-isolating is wreaking "havoc" for businesses, unions have said.