Migrants intercepted as attempted English Channel crossings continue

A boat thought to be used in a migrant crossing is left on the beach in Walmer, Kent. Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

A number of small boats carrying migrants have been intercepted attempting to cross the English Channel as the Home Secretary reaffirmed her “unwavering determination” to stop the journeys.

Earlier this week, the number of people who had crossed to the UK so far this year up to Tuesday had reached 8,452 which exceeded the figure for the whole of 2020 when 8,417 people had made the trip.

These figures are based on Home Office data obtained and analysed by the PA news agency.

More than 700 people succeeded in crossing the Channel on Monday and Tuesday, with many landing on Dungeness beach in Kent.

Hundreds of migrants have successfully made it on to British shores in the past week. Credit: PA

Border Force vessels and French warships were active in the Dover Strait on Wednesday, with dozens of people brought into the port.

And a further 37 people were intercepted on Friday by the UK authorities with another 67 stopped by the French.

A total of 378 migrants have been intercepted attempting to cross the English Channel on Sunday by the UK authorities, with 178 others being stopped by the French, according to the Home Office.

A spokesman said: “Border Force is currently dealing with ongoing small boat incidents off the Kent coast.

“Further details will be provided after the initial response and once the situation has been resolved.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

On Tuesday, Priti Patel announced an agreement to more than double the number of police patrolling French beaches, with the Government to give France £54 million.

And in a statement released on Sunday, the Home Secretary said: “The British public should be in no doubt of our unwavering determination to stop these dangerous crossings from safe EU countries and take down the evil criminal gangs behind them.

“We are utilising all aspects of Government to tackle this issue and our significant actions are having an impact.

“French authorities have already prevented over 7,500 migrants entering the UK this year, nearly treble the number for the same period in 2020, and earlier this week we signed a strengthened agreement to increase police patrols on French beaches, improve surveillance technology and enhance intelligence sharing.

“Since the start of 2020, we have secured more than 65 small boat related prosecutions, totalling over 53 years in jail.

“This is the result of extensive work by law enforcement and intelligence partners.

“This week, we also saw the landmark Nationality and Borders Bill proceed through Parliament, which will reform the system to make people think again before attempting to enter this country illegally and break the business model of people smugglers.”