How a salad spinner inspired an invention to help thousands in poverty

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports on how a new manual washing machine design is hoped to relieve people in poorer nations of back-breaking domestic tasks 

A simple salad spinner from Newport has inspired an invention which could prove revolutionary for thousands across the world.

The Washing Machine Project is the brainchild of designer Nav Sawhney and it all started with the salad spinner.

Mr Sawhney used it to help design a manual washing machine for those living in poverty who often spend hours carrying out the arduous task of hand-washing clothes in rivers and lakes.

He told ITV News: "We took this to Iraq and refugees loved the idea."

Nav Sawhney (left) designed the washing machine and set up The Washing Machine Project.

The invention has been hailed as an engineering solution to a humanitarian need.

Mr Sawhney said: "Every family that I speak to, it's a promise to them to make their lives better.

"And every family that I speak to, more and more I realise that people want dignity and they want power of their lives."

Now his company has been asked to make 7,500 of the machines for 10 countries in a bid to help thousands around the world.