Tokyo 2020: Max Whitlock reunited with wife and daughter after success in Olympics

  • Watch as Willow Whitlock excitedly greets her dad after he arrives back from the Tokyo Olympics

Gymnast Max Whitlock embraced his family as he arrived back in the UK after becoming one of Britain’s most successful Olympians.

The 28-year-old from Hertfordshire secured gold in the men’s pommel horse competition on Sunday – the sixth Olympic medal of his career – as his young daughter and wider family watched from home.

A gold medallist at the Rio games in 2016, Whitlock has since married his childhood sweetheart Leah and welcomed now two-year-old Willow into the world.

Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock hugs his daughter Willow as he arrives back at London Heathrow Airport Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Whitlock, wearing his gold medal, hugged Leah and Willow after touching down at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday.

A video posted by Whitlock on Twitter showed toddler Willow run to her father and jump up and down with the excitement of the occasion.

The family-of-three reunited with hugs and smiles, and were pictured walking hand-in-hand.

Max Whitlock hugs his wife Leah Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Whitlock was also pictured crouched down next to toddler Willow showing her the gold medal and giving her the mascot that was part of his medal bouquet.

Shortly before his win in Japan, Leah shared a photo on Twitter of their daughter sitting alongside her cousins ready to watch her father compete on TV.

Max Whitlock with his wife Leah and daughter Willow Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Leah later tweeted after her husband’s win: “We are so unbelievably proud of you @maxwhitlock1

“You did the most amazing routine going up first and under so much pressure and you went for it. Just amazing. We can’t wait to see you! We love you so much!!”

She also posted video clips of her husband’s family celebrating his win.

Max Whitlock with his daughter Willow Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Whitlock, who threw down an early gauntlet to his competitors by going first on the pommel, said he felt “absolutely lost for words” and “completely overwhelmed” after his win.