Tokyo 2020: Sky Brown, 13, becomes GB’s youngest Olympic medallist with bronze in skateboarding

'I'm so happy, it's insane to be here,' an excited Sky Brown says after her bronze medal win

Sky Brown has been crowned Great Britain’s youngest ever Olympic medallist after taking the bronze medal in the women’s skateboard park event at the Ariake Urban Arena in Tokyo.

She's also Britain's first ever Olympic skateboarding medal winner.

After falling in her first two runs of the final, the 13-year-old nailed her last attempt with a score of 56.47 to finish behind Japanese pair Sakura Yosozumi and Kokona Hiraki.

Aged just 12, Hiraki duly eclipsed Brown to become the youngest Olympic medallist in 85 years. Favourite Misugu Okamoto fell on her final run and missed out on the podium.

The 13-year-old created several firsts with her bronze medal win at the Games. Credit: PA

Brown’s achievement is all the more remarkable for the fractured skull and broken bones she suffered during an horrific fall in training last year.

An excited Brown said in a press conference: "I'm so happy, it's insane to be here. I'm so happy to be on the podium with these guys, they are so amazing. I'm honestly just happy to be in Tokyo, but getting on the podium is insane."

Commenting on her accident last year and whether she was anxious about not being able to it to the Tokyo Olympics, Brown said: "I kinda knew I was going to come here (the Olympics). I don't (sic) know if I could skate really, because my parents are like, 'Don't skate anymore, do something else.'

"But i'm so happy to be here. I honestly feel like the accident me stronger."

Brown, who is friends with the two other medallist, called gold medallist Yosozumi "one of my best friends" and silver medallist Hiraki "a really good friend".

She added: "Being on the podium together is so fun. It's so crazy."

On a video clip of the fall posted on her Instagram account, which has approaching one million followers, she posted the message: “I’m excited to come back even stronger and even tougher. My heart wants to go so hard right now”.

Brown, who was born in Miyazaki, Japan, to a Japanese mother and British father, and now lives in the US, competed at the US Open in 2016 at the age of eight, and first elected to compete for Great Britain in 2018.

She arrived with plenty of profile, having won the US version of ‘Dancing With The Stars: Juniors’ in 2018, and expressed her ambition to achieve the almost unprecedented feat of competing in two sports – skateboarding and surfing – at the Games, something from which she was subsequently dissuaded.

In 2019, Brown finished third at the World Skateboarding Championship, and the following year she effectively secured her Olympic qualification by picking up a bronze medal at the Park World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Last month, she warmed up for the Games by winning gold in the prestigious X Games, although neither of her key Olympic challengers, Okamoto and Hiraki, were present.

Japan's Sakura Yosozumi (centre) and Kokona Hiraki (left) won gold and silver at the Women's Park Final at Ariake Sports Park Credit: PA

Hiraki was first up of the major contenders in qualifying amid the hottest day of the Games so far, with the temperature tipping 32C with 90% humidity.

The 12-year-old’s best score from three runs, 52.46, was comfortably surpassed twice by Brown, with the Briton recording a best of 57.40 before Okamoto, the 15-year-old reigning world champion, laid down her mark with a leading 58.51.

Another Japanese skater, Yosozumi, raised the level in the final with a first run of 60.09 which would ultimately prove enough to give her the gold medal, while 12-year-old Hiraki posted an imposing 59.04.

Brown and favourite Okamoto struggled with a trick known as the kick flip indy, leaving both facing the prospect of having to go clean on their respective final routines to reach the podium.

Brown stepped up when it mattered, her third score nudging her to bronze before another fall by Okamoto confirmed the Briton’s historic medal.