Boris Johnson visits Scotland - but not Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

ITV News Scotland Reporter Peter Smith has been hearing what Scots in Fife make of the political goings on

The Prime Minister will be in Scotland for a two day visit on Wednesday and Thursday, but will not be meeting with Nicola Sturgeon.

Boris Johnson denied turning down an invite to meet with the Scottish First Minister, while she described it as a "missed opportunity".

Mr Johnson did meet with senior officers from Police Scotland to discuss policing at the Cop26 international environmental summit which is being held in Glasgow later this year.

There he told reporters he had not "snubbed" Ms Sturgeon.

"No, I haven’t. I’m always delighted, always, always, always, delighted – and look, we, seriously, we work together," he said.

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The PM continued: "The government of the UK, the Scottish Government, at all levels work together on the things that matter to the people of our country, particularly rolling out vaccinations, and, generally, making sure that we bounce back and build back better from the pandemic, and we are going to continue.

"I thank the Scottish Government for what they’ve been doing, a really high rate of vaccination here in Scotland, and really fantastic achievement by the people of Scotland coming forward to get vaccinated – working with them to finish that – but also making sure that we have a very strong economic recovery, and I think the country is well-placed to do that."

For her part, Ms Sturgeon told broadcasters she didn't "feel snubbed".

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon plays football during a visit to the Fallin Nursery in Fallin, Stirlingshire.. Credit: PA

The First Minister added, however: "I think most people will think it’s a bit odd, and a bit strange, that we’ve got a Prime Minister visiting Scotland who talks a lot, rightly, about the need – despite our political differences – for us to work together where we can on getting through Covid and into Covid recovery but doesn’t take the opportunity when in Scotland to come and talk to me directly about how we might co-operate and work together."

"I think people will just find that strange and it’s for Boris Johnson to explain, I suppose, why," she said.

"This would be the first opportunity, given Covid, for us to sit down, appropriately socially distanced and have a face-to-face chat. I think it would have been a good opportunity.

"I was getting ready to welcome him to Bute House today. There’s lots that Boris Johnson and I fundamentally disagree on but we both lead governments that are trying to get our countries through Covid and so there’s a lot for us to co-operate on.

"So, you know, missed opportunity but that’s on him. I stand ready to work with whoever, however I can to get Scotland through Covid and into recovery."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is also in Scotland, where he is focusing on the fight against climate change in the run-up to Cop26.

Sir Keir has accused the Prime Minister of being “missing in action” on the climate agenda ahead of the summit.