Tokyo 2020: Team GB boxer Ben Whittaker 'happier' after showing disappointment with silver medal

'I woke up a bit happier today - with a silver on my neck'

Team GB boxer Ben Whittaker has said he woke up feeling “a bit happier” on Thursday after struggling to contain his disappointment at winning a silver medal the day before.

Whittaker appeared to break down after his defeat and chose not to wear his medal on the podium, later admitting he felt like a "failure" though meant no disrespect.

On Thursday, he told ITV News he was just so determined to win the gold medal and that he should have “presented” himself better.

“As a boxer, I'm very cocky, I'm very arrogant and people probably don't really like that person but it's just a boxer person I tune into,” he explained.

“I was so proud of getting that bronze medal but then you come to the realisation you want to change the colour,” he added.

Great Britain's Benjamin Whittaker, refuses to wear his silver medal on the podium. Credit: PA

“When I didn't get that gold, it was so upsetting, I could have presented myself a lot better but it was just the raw emotion I wanted to bring a gold back to the country and I didn’t do that and I felt like I let everybody down.”

He talked about his competitive spirit, which he said even extends to video games with his friends.

He added: “I woke up a bit happier today with a silver on my neck, where it should have been, and I’m happy.”