'World's smallest baby' who weighed little more than an apple finally leaves hospital

Yu Xuan weighed little more than an apple when she was born. Credit: Family handout/National University Hospital

A baby believed to be the smallest ever born, weighing little more than an apple, has finally left hospital with her parents.

Kwek Yu Xuan was born four months prematurely in Singapore in June last year, weighing just 212 grams and given a small chance of survival.

Tiny Yu Xuan was kept in neonatal intensive care at the National University Hospital for 13 months, where she was kept under constant observation and supported by various machines and treatments.

But on Monday, more than a year after giving birth, parents Kwek Wee Liang and Wong Mei Ling finally carried their little girl, now weighing just over six kilograms, home.

Yu Xuan enjoys play time with her dad in hospital

Overjoyed mum, Mrs Kwek, said in a statement she was grateful to friends, family and the hospital staff who supported them over the past year.

A crowdfunding page raised 366,884 Sinagapore Dollars – around £195,000.

Yu Xuan with her mum. Credit: National University Hospital

The baby is still recovering and currently has chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension, which are two conditions commonly associated with extreme prematurity.

The good news is that doctors are confident she will get better with time.

Yu Xuan is expected to get better with time. Credit: National University Hospital

Associate Professor Zubair Amin, head of the hospital’s department of neonatology, said: “The NICU team is thankful to Yu Xuan’s family for the trust that they have placed in us to care for Yu Xuan.

“It was a difficult journey for Yu Xuan and we greatly appreciate the concerted effort and benevolent support from our colleagues, donors as well as the larger community who have contributed to her survival and growth.

“This was a team effort that embodies the spirit of care and compassion.”

Yu Xuan is ready for home. Credit: National University Hospital

It is believed Yu Xuan is the lightest baby ever to be born and grow healthy enough to be discharged form hospital.

The previous smallest weight 245 grams in San Diego, California.