Meet the primary school teacher who's reuniting hundreds of missing dogs with their owners

ITV News Reporter Hannah Miller reports on the hero who's using her spare time to find missing dogs

A primary school teacher has helped reunite hundreds of missing dogs with their owners, including one who was hiding in tunnels underneath a motorway.

Michelle Newns-Peers, founder of Greater Manchester Lost Dog Search & Rescue Capture Team, specialises in locating and trapping lost dogs.

When Michelle managed to rescue Juliet into her home she recognised her talent for tracking dogs down.

She told ITV News: "Dogs are my world, really, they always have been and with Juliet I found out that actually I can help here, I can do something to try to get people's dogs back to them."

Michelle says she can help reunite dogs with their owners

Describing what she does when she rescues dogs, often really late at night, Ms Newns-Peers said: "The dog will walk in and reach for the food, which is there and then they'll stand on a plate here, and then that activates the door."

When asked by ITV News Reporter Hannah Miller how she knows where to put the cage, Ms Newns-Peers said: "We go off sightings where people have told us about and then we start to see which area the dog is keeping to."

One person it all worked out for was Kath's dog Finn - who had to be tracked for 24 days after he escaped from Cat's daughter's home and couldn't find his way home.

Kath Sutton told ITV News: "It was just an absolute nightmare, I was worried sick about him and I know I wouldn't have had him back if it hadn't been for Michelle."