'I broke down in tears': Residents recall moment they saw woman shot dead by Plymouth gunman

ITV News Correspondent Rebecca Barry met Plymouth locals who witnessed the shooting

Residents in Plymouth have described the horrifying moment they saw a gunman shoot dead a woman.

Keyham local James fled after hearing gunshots as 22-year-old Jake Davison began his campaign of terror.

"Some kids were sat on the road, and I said 'can you go home because I've just heard two gunshots', the next thing you know, someone walks past me with a gun, like that, 'bang,'" James says.

Eyewitness James. Credit: ITV News

"I just had to go run back to my mum because I was like, 'I don't know what to do'".

"And I start breaking down in tears in my room because I was like, 'this shouldn't be everyday', it's just wrong."

James' friend Caitlin Grayling watched the emergency services as they tried in vain to save the woman.

"They just stopped after 10 minutes, and I thought 'oh maybe they saved a person's life,'" she told ITV News.

Carol Stevens witness the attack with her seven-year-old son. Credit: ITV News

"But they didn't rush to put person in the ambulance, so I could only assume the worst."In these darkest of times, people have come together in Plymouth. A school has been transformed into a support centre for those traumatised by Thursday night's events and there was no shortage of donations and volunteers.

Carol Stevens was walking through the area with her seven-year-old son."My heart is racing and thinking, 'you know, we could have come around that corner'.

"He could have. He could have been there, you start to think what could have happened. It's just so scary."

Flowers at the scene Credit: ITV News

Five people, including the gunman's mother Maxine Davison, and Sophie Martyn, 3, were killed by Jake Davison in Britain's worse mass shooting in a decade.

Davison killed three others before turning the gun on himself on Thursday.Local MP Luke Pollard says this neighbourhood has been deeply affected"Keyham is a community where you do know your neighbours, where the community has a real sense of identity and strength in that identity," he said. Earlier on Friday evening, the MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, urged the local community to gather for a candlelit vigil at 9pm on Friday in North Down Crescent Park, Keyham, to pay tribute to the victims.