‘Take this woman home!’: Afghan journalist Zahra Nabi on how she experienced chivalry, Taliban style

In our reporting on Thursday night we featured a brave Afghan journalist called Zahra Nabi. She worked at Womens' Television, which took itself off air on Sunday when the Taliban conquered Kabul. Of the 50 women employed at the station both in front of and behind the cameras, Zahra is the only one still trying to do her job via social media. During our conversation she shared an interesting anecdote. Zahra was at our hotel, the Serena, the night before last. The hotel has been under Taliban control since Monday.

ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports from a Taliban-controlled television studio in Kabul

Her business here concluded long after dark and as she walked out the hotel gates she turned to one of the Taliban guards and told him she was unable to get home on her own and he or one of his colleagues would have to take her. Initially, the gunman looked confused but Zahra was persistent. Eventually he picked up his Kalashnikov and walked into the middle of the road. He aimed the rifle at the first unfortunate motorist to come along. The petrified driver screeched to a stop. The Taliban guard walked to the side window and told the man: "Take this woman home!" - which he then did.

Chivalry: Taliban-style.