'It's inhuman': Women's rights activist tells story of attempt to escape Afghanistan

Chaos at Kabul airport has meant many planes have been forced to depart empty. Credit: AP

An Afghan woman who believes she is "highly at risk" from the Taliban has told ITV News about her harrowing attempt to escape the country at the "inhuman" Kabul airport where she says women face harassment and children suffer.

The woman, who ITV has chosen not to identify for her own safety, said the airport - which is being used as the main base for evacuating foreigners and refugees - was very "crowded" and "inhuman."

She is so terrified of her current situation while talking to ITV she said: "I don't know if you can feel my heartbeat from there."

The woman, who is in 20s, is an activist who works for a global organisation that seeks to improve women's rights and believes her job puts her "highly at risk."

Listen to the woman recall her journey too and from Kabul airport

Her company believes she is in danger and is on a Taliban hit list.

The Taliban have claimed they will respect women's rights but recent reports have suggested they have been tortured and face constant discrimination.

Yesterday she attempted to escape the country by getting on a flight to Australia after she was given papers that would have given her access to their resettlement scheme and being told to go to the airport.

She went by car with her brother and said the airport was "shocking" when she got there.

When they got there she said she and other women were harassed for money and were "squeezed."

Many Afghans have been trying to desperately get on planes to flee the country. Credit: AP

She said: "Children suffer a lot, kids suffer more."

"I tried to get inside the airport with the documents I had from my Australian supporters but it was impossible," she said.

In a video she recorded at the airport, crowds of people are seen waiting around before suddenly gunfire is heard from nearby.

She said during the chaos following the shooting her hand was injured. She left soon after.

Watch chaos and gunfire at Kabul airport

Since the fall of the capital and the seizure of the country by the Taliban, Kabul airport has been in turmoil as countries have attempted to evacuate their citizens while refugees have been trying to get on any plane they can out of the country.

The Spanish government said on Friday they are having to allow military planes to leave empty due to the issues at the site.

After turning back, the woman's car was stopped by the Taliban.

She said the only reason the Taliban didn't start questioning them was because one of her brothers had a similar long hairstyle to them.

She said: "I think he is doing intentionally these days because most of the Taliban they have long hair and that's a sign almost, so he has long hair as well, it's not his choice to be long but now it really works."

Because of her brother's appearance and the fact they looked like family, the Taliban allowed them to pass and she managed to return home safely.

She said she will try again on Friday to reach the airport and will get on any flight that will take her.