Sudesh Amman’s 10 days between prison release and the Streatham terror attack

Sudesh Amman Credit: PA

On January 23, 2020, convicted terrorist Sudesh Amman was released from prison.

Ten days later he was killed after stabbing two people on the streets of Streatham.

On Friday, jurors at an inquest into his death concluded the terror attack could have been prevented if Amman had been recalled to prison after buying items used in his fake suicide belt.

Here is a timeline of the days between his release and his attack.

January 23 2020

Amman, a 20-year-old from Harrow in north-west London, is automatically released from Belmarsh prison, having been handed a 40-month sentence for 13 counts of obtaining and distributing material used for terrorist purposes.

He is released to a probation hostel in Streatham, south London, despite pleas from police and MI5 to keep him in custody for longer due to his extremist views.

Sudesh Amman’s probation hostel in Streatham, south London Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA

January 24

Amman, who is originally from Coventry, is placed under daytime surveillance by plainclothes officers.

January 29

A decision is made to allow those surveillance officers to carry firearms.

The Low Price Store in Streatham High Road where Sudesh Amman stole a knife, having visited it days earlier Credit: PA

January 30

Amman’s covert surveillance is relaxed slightly, meaning there would be no coverage between 6am and 10am due to intelligence about Amman’s lack of movement at this time of the day.

January 31

Amman is seen looking at knives in a shop and buying items from Poundland that include parcel tape, aluminium foil and four 250ml bottles of Irn-Bru soft drink. It is then decided to put Amman under 24-hour surveillance rather than to arrest him and blow the cover of the covert operation.

Sudesh Amman at the till in Poundland in Streatham on January 31 2020 Credit: PA

February 1

Amman is placed on “round-the-clock” – 24-hour – surveillance. This includes armed covert police, as well as uniformed officers nearby.

He leaves his flat just once, for around 22 minutes at lunchtime, to go to a nearby takeaway for a chicken meal.

February 2 the day of the attack

1.22pm - Sudesh Amman leaves his probation hostel in Leigham Court Road, Streatham

Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA

1.50pm – Amman is seen in Streatham High Road. He is said to be walking “very slowly”, appearing lost, and changing direction at various times.

1.57pm – The 20-year-old enters a shop called Low Price Store. He is inside for barely a minute, and emerges with a knife which he has stolen. He is pursued by undercover police. Amman stabs two people, a man and a woman. Both survive.

Sudesh Amman, running north along Streatham High Road, suddenly turns to charge at undercover police Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA

1.58pm – Amman, reaching Boots, turns to face the officers. They shoot at him, with at least two shots hitting him. A total of 62 seconds after running from the shop, Amman falls to the ground.

2.40pm – A police explosives expert arrives on the scene to check and carefully remove the device around Amman’s waist. It contains three bottles, wrapped in tin foil and attached to a belt with brown tape. It is later identified as a hoax.

Items left on the pavement at the scene in Streatham High Road, south London Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

3.24pm –  Amman is pronounced dead by a paramedic.