Former Love Island contestant Molly Mae faces backlash for working with 'fast' fashion brand

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Former Love Island contestant Molly Mae has faced backlash from the public in the last few days, after announcing her new role as fashion brand Pretty Little Thing's creative director.

Pretty Little Thing is an online fashion brand, owned by retail giant Boohoo.

Molly Mae, was a contestant in Love Island in 2019, where she met her partner Tommy Fury, who is a British professional boxer and brother of two-time Heavyweight Boxing World Champion, Tyson Fury.

In a post on social media, Molly Mae wrote: "I'm beyond ecstatic to announce that I am the new creative director of pretty little thing for UK/EU.

"This is the biggest move in my career so far and I can’t explain my gratitude to my favourite brand in the world for trusting me with this role.

"PLT have had faith in me from the very start and to now be a Director within the business feels like a complete dream come true," she also said.

The influencer also sparked a row earlier in the week after sharing a photo of new jewellery she had bought, worth tens of thousands of pounds.

While many fans have congratulated her, others disagreed with the career move and her choice to work for Pretty Little Thing.

Pretty Little Thing, as well as other popular UK retail brands, have come under criticism in the past, over concerns about working conditions and pay.

Some have voiced these concerns.

One twitter user wrote: "Kinda funny that Molly Mae can afford that beautiful as hell expensive jewellery and watch but is pushing fast fashion like she can’t afford to wear ethical clothing every single day of her life."

In 2020, Pretty Little Thing was accused of modern slavery - journalists from the Sunday Times discovered that staff were being paid about £3.50 an hour in one of their garment factories in Leicester.

There have also been concerns over the "fast fashion" industry - which describes the mass-producing of clothes that follow fashion trends.

Often, critics say, these clothes are worn very few times before being thrown away, or replaced.

Molly Mae and boyfriend Tommy Fury Credit: PA Media

Many fans congratulated Mae, however, with some calling her Love Island's most successful star.

The show is well-known for helping contestants find love and become famous too.

This year's winners were Millie Court and Liam Reardon, with the runner-ups being Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran.

Neither Pretty Little Thing or Molly Mae have responded publicly to the criticisms.

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