Appeal for Afghan baby injured in Kabul airport attacks to be reunited with mum in UK

This video contains distressing images

Baby Mohammed Reza was injured in the Kabul airport attacks. His family are appealing for the one-year-old to be reunited with his mother in the UK, ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports.

Baby Mohammed Reza's tiny body was peppered with shrapnel during the double suicide bomb attacks at Kabul airport.

The blasts killed his father Miraj and grandfather Sultan and the chaotic aftermath of the attacks resulted in the one-year-old being separated from his mother Basbibi.

Basbibi made it onto a flight to the UK, only to later discover her husband and father were killed and her one-year-old son is injured in hospital.

She has also been separated from her five-month-old daughter Kalsoom, who is unhurt.

The Kabul attacks killed Mohammed's father Miraj and grandfather Sultan, who was a British citizen and worked as a taxi driver Credit: UGC

With baby Mohammed now clinging to life and needing expert medical care, mother Basbibi is desperate to find a way to bring her children to safety.

Mohammed's uncles Shakrullah and Mansoor Rez described the baby boy's condition as "really critical" and said he has been in a coma for five days.

They said they want the baby boy to be flown to the UK so he can receive "good treatment" for his injuries.

Baby Mohammed Reza Credit: UGC

The terrorist attacks at Kabul airport on Thursday left 170 dead - among them little Mohammed's father Miraj and his grandfather Sultan, who was a British citizen and worked as a taxi driver.

But with UK evacuation flights suspended, it's not clear how this little boy can be reunited with his mother unless the Taliban grant him safe passage.

A foreign office spokesperson said: “More than 15,000 people including British nationals, our Afghan staff and others at risk have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the UK since 15 August in one of the biggest operations of its kind in history.

“We will continue to do all we can to deliver on our obligation to get British nationals and eligible Afghans out of the country.”