The 'Dorset Da Vinci': How a nine-year-old honed his art skills in lockdown

Nine-year-old Lucas may have been dubbed the 'Dorset Da Vinci' but he is more than happy to share the secret to his success with ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

Meet Lucas Greenfield - the nine-year-old boy whose exceptional eye for detail has been compared to one of the world's greatest artists.

After honing his artistic skills in lockdown, little Lucas has earnt the nickname the 'Dorset Da Vinci'.

The young schoolboy has become the talk of the town after wowing judges from the Royal Academy of Arts with his incredibly lifelike drawings.

Lucas's work was chosen from a staggering 33,000 entries to feature in the academy's prestigious young artists summer exhibition.

But despite beating thousands of others for the coveted spot, the young boy remains modest about his skills.

Lucas tells ITV News that the secret to his talent is to simply keep on practicing.