Afghanistan: British citizen stuck in Kabul pleads for his family to be rescued from Taliban danger

The Briton now fears for his life after being left vulnerable to Taliban mercy following US troop withdrawal. Credit: ITV News/AP

A British citizen has issued a desperate plea to the UK government to help evacuate his family from Kabul, as he fears for their safety after the US withdrawal from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

The man, who ITV News has chosen not to identify for his protection, grew up in the UK but has worked in Afghanistan over the past several years, including as a translator for British and American companies.

He is stuck in Kabul with his wife, seven children, and other relatives, hiding in fear with little support from the UK government. He says he has repeatedly contacted the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office for help but has been met with little or no response.

Here he writes movingly for ITV News about the awful predicament he and his family are facing.

I am a British national currently Stuck in Kabul, Afghanistan.

I have been here since the beginning of the takeover, which happened so suddenly.

As shown in all the pictures, videos and news clips that have been going around, this country is in a state of turmoil.

'I need your help, I need the support of my nation, but obviously I'm not getting that'

Desperate Afghans are escaping to people taking advantage of the current situation to steal and pillage. It is only going to get worse, not better.

I have been here with my wife and children.

Afghan families sit outside their tents in an open area on the outskirts of Chaman, a border town in Pakistan's Baluchistan province. Credit: AP

I tried my best to get through the rush of thousands of desperate Afghans and foreign nationals to get out via an evacuation flight.

But I fell short of the goal and wasn't able to help my wife and kids get through this horrible near death experience.

So what now? I keep asking myself but all I get in my head is blank.

Before the US August 31 withdrawal, hundreds of people gather near an evacuation control checkpoint on the perimeter of Kabul airport. Credit: AP

I have ran out of options.

My nation feels the Taliban should have the right to be seen and heard by the world.

Families evacuated from Kabul walk through the terminal to board a bus after they arrived in Washington, US. Credit: AP

I wouldn't have a problem with this if I was in the UK but I am the one who has to sit here in Kabul while Mr Raab decides where he wants to go for his next holiday. How can he still have a job?

Taliban special force fighters stand guard outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport after the U.S. military's withdrawal, in Kabul. Credit: AP

Afghanistan has been humiliated and destroyed.

But all I see is people saying: so what, it is Afghanistan - who cares?

They will only come back to it when Western nations - including the UK- are under threat.

The Taliban are going around streets, knocking on people's doors.

Taliban fighters patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan. Credit: AP

They are very precise in their work.

How long will it take for them to find me and for them to search my house, cover my head and take me from my home?

What will happen to my wife and kids? Who will support them? Will they even be left alive?

These are the questions that I keep going over and over in my mind. They are repeated in my mind every second of the day.