Afghanistan: The left-behind children who are hungry and homeless in Kabul amid Taliban takeover

"My brothers are crying because they are hungry," says one Afghan boy who has been left to care for his younger brothers after their father died.

He says he and his siblings now live in a park and adds: "We don't have anything to eat, we haven't had any breakfast."

These boys are just a few of an estimated 10 million children in need of help after being displaced or orphaned amid the chaos of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Many are scattered across Kabul and forced to go hungry.

The eldest boy (second left) is left to take care of his brothers after their father died

Just last week, Aisha, a young girl said to be orphaned, was filmed sleeping on the side of a road. The video clip came to symbolise Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis.

Aisha, who was roaming the streets collecting plastic bottles for money, has now been offered temporary accommodation. But there are many others who need help.

Asuntha Charles, national director at World Vision Afghanistan says around two million children are malnourished.

She continued: "So it is now that the global community should stand with Afghanistan and help the people, especially the children and make sure that at least they have their basic necessities and rights in life.

"I think the global community should make a determined effort to stand by Afghanistan and especially Afghan children at this moment."