'I am deeply aggrieved': Nicola Sturgeon visibly upset over 'anti-English' comment

Nicola Sturgeon has received an apology from a Tory politician after being "so deeply offended" by a comment directed at her in the Scottish Parliament.

The first minister complained to the presiding officer during a debate around sectarian chanting during the recent Old Firm Derby, after she was heckled by Tory MSP Tess White.

Ms Sturgeon had been telling MSPs at First Minister's Questions that Scotland "is home" to anyone who chooses to live there, after a minority of Rangers fans were accused of expressing anti-Irish sentiment toward Celtic fans at Sunday's football match.

She said: "We should all come together to tackle this. Can I say clearly I know everybody across this chamber will support this.

"I take the view that anybody who chooses to live in Scotland whether they and their families have been here for generations or whether they have come to Scotland very recently, is home. This is their home and we should not allow anybody to say..."

But she was "deeply aggrieved" by Ms White, who interrupted to say "except if you're English".

MSP Tess White later apologised for the comment. Credit: PA

Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone reminded MSPs they must "treat one another with great dignity and respect" while speaking in the chamber.

The first minister told the presiding officer that she would be taking up the matter with her after the session so that the MSP could reflect on her words.

Visibly upset, Ms Sturgeon said: "Presiding officer I have just heard a comment made to me from a sedentary position.

"I would not normally do this but I am so deeply offended by the comment that I do want to after the session to take up with you, so that the, with your permission, member may be asked to reflect on that and to withdraw that comment.

"It was a comment that would have been unacceptable in any context within the context of what we are discussing here right now.

"I am deeply aggrieved that any member thought that was an appropriate thing to say."

Ms White later apologised in the chamber.

She said: “My comments during First Minister’s Questions were over the line and I would like to withdraw them and apologise to both the chamber and the first minister.”