RAF pilots describe 'harrowing' scenes in scramble to evacuate Afghanistan

ITV News Correspondent John Ray hears the stories of 'harrowing scenes' and 'hope' from those leaving Kabul airport

The RAF pilots who flew some of the final emergency flights out of Kabul have described the "harrowing" scenes they witnessed day after day in the rush to evacuate Afghanistan.

Those involved described the "utter chaos" of the airport as thousands tried to escape the Taliban.

Many were unable to do so and remain in Afghanistan now Western forces have left.

More than 8,000 former Afghan staff and their family members were among the 15,000-plus people evacuated by the UK since August 13.

People attempting to leave Afghanistan run alongside a US military plane

But up to 1,100 Afghans deemed eligible are estimated to have been left behind, though that figure will fall short of the true number the UK would wish to help.

Wing Commander Kev Latchman was approaching take-off with more than 300 people on board when a bus full of evacuees veered across the runway in Kabul.

"They were about a thousand feet ahead of us - we wouldn't have been able to reject the takeoff," he said.

"If I'd tried - we'd have basically taken out the bus, that doesn't really bare thinking about. So I had to continue the takeoff and we just missed the bus by maybe 10 or 15 feet."

"The conditions were stark".