Will ministers resist PM’s manifesto breaches as he announces social care and pension changes?

Credit: PA

Cabinet government has become a very degraded thing.

Last time I checked, 45 minutes ago, Cabinet ministers had still not been told whether the prime minister’s plan to announce breaches of his 2019 election manifesto would even be on the formal agenda for discussion at the 8.30am cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

But as of now, Boris Johnson is going ahead with:

1) a manifesto-breaking 1.25% national insurance rise to raise around £10 billion and fill the £15 billion hole in health and social care provision;

2) a new cap-and-floor system, based on Dilnot, to limit to roughly £80,000 the amount an individual would have to contribute to their own care (the cap), and to protect approximately £100,000 of their savings from any care costs (the floor);

3) a temporary waiver, which will require legislation, of the manifesto-guaranteed “triple lock” on increments to the state old-age pension, because this year’s earnings index would mean pensions going up by an exceptional 8% or so.

All of this is MASSIVE politics.

But there has been zero cabinet discussion of it to date. It has all been stitched up by Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid.

The cabinet ministers of the '80s, '90s and even the early years of this century would not have stood for being treated as cardboard cut outs, Potemkin ministers, in this manner.

Do you think any of them will say boo tomorrow?