The harsh reality of working in the social care sector where the care you give simply 'isn't enough'

ITV News UK Editor Paul Brand speaks to 98-year-old Lily and care worker Kate, who says the help being given is 'not enough'

At 98 years of age, Lily has always had her twin sister by her side - until now.

After her sister's death, Lily said: "I'm missing her like hell. We were always together."

Lily's care worker, Kate Ball, knows the grief is something no amount of time will heal, but says what the social care system allows her to give is just "not enough".

Working on the frontline of a sector on the back foot, every day she sees how much more needs to be done - but cannot do it.

"It breaks your heart when people are just lonely. You want to fix it, and you can't fix it because it's not in your hands.

"You've just got to be here and do your day to day things, follow the care plan, but it's not enough really."

'You want to fix it, and you can't fix it because it's not in your hands.'

We filmed with Kate after the government announced National Insurance contributions would go up 1.25 percentage points to fund Boris Johnson's plan to fix what he says is a "broken social care system".

But only five billion pounds of the money raised by the price hike will actually go towards social care in the first three years, and the plan to fund it has been slammed for targeting young and lower income workers.

All of which has left Kate feeling as if the government does not care about her.

"What was Boris clapping on Downing Street for? What was that all about?

"Because today, that hasn't helped at all has it."