British man stuck in Kabul and hunted by Taliban says he will be killed if found

Taliban fighters in Kabul, Afghanistan. Credit: AP/Bernat Armangue

A British man stuck in Kabul and being hunted by the Taliban is fearing for his life after fighters captured his brother.

The man, who once worked for the British military, lived in the UK for 16 years after claiming asylum more than a decade ago.

But he became stuck in Afghanistan after returning to the country.

He claims the Taliban have their hands on "data" that identifies people who worked with foreign forces and are hunting those Afghans down.

He said: "If they find me, they will execute me."

Taliban fighters patrol a market in Kabul's Old City, Afghanistan Credit: AP/Bernat Armangue

The insurgents search led them to his brother's home. And unable to find him, they took his brother instead, the man claims.

He told ITV News: "I'm scaring about my brother's and also I'm scaring about my own life."

He said he was told about what happened by a family member who rang him in tears.

He was told he was now in danger and needed to hide somewhere his brother doesn't know about.

The British-Afghan, who cannot be named, claims the Taliban are executing people who worked with the allies, but are trying to cover up what they are doing by threatening family members not to speak about what happened.

Displaced Afghans wait for food donations at a camp for internally displaced persons in Kabul Credit: AP/Bernat Armangue

He said: "They tell the amnesty to the world, but their activities is completely different."

He also spoke about feeling betrayed by the British government.

He said: "If the British want they can do and they can take me out from here."

He has also been in contact with the UK's foreign office, but has only been told to keep himself safe for as long as possible until the British government can help.

A UK government spokesperson said: “We have been in touch with this individual will continue to do all we can to support him. 

“As the foreign secretary has made clear, we will hold the Taliban to their commitment to respect human rights for all Afghans and allow those who wish to leave Afghanistan to do so safely.”

The Human Rights Watch told ITV News since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the group believe there have been dozens of summary executions and disappearances.