Endgame: Malorie Blackman on the final book in her groundbreaking series

ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar speaks to Malorie Blackman about the final novel in her Noughts & Crosses series.

After much anticipation, the final installment of British author Malorie Blackman’s acclaimed series of young adult novels, Noughts & Crosses, is out this week.

The book, titled Endgame, is the sixth novel in the series, which also includes three other novellas.

The series, which has racial injustice at its heart and is intended to inspire debate, gained immense popularity and was subsequently turned into a TV drama last year.

It depicts Albion, a Britain where the ruling classes, the crosses, are Black and the white people are the Noughts, poor and discriminated against.

Author Malorie Blackman, who is a 2013 Children’s Laureate, said the first book in the series written 20 years ago, was her response to the murder of black British teenager Stephen Lawrence in a racially motivated attack in Southeast London.

Current events also drove Malorie Blackman to write this final book, as it took place in the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests last year.

The writer says she worries for the young people of today, especially regarding their mental health, and says more resources are needed to handle it.