Sainsbury's left red-faced after placing apostrophe in wrong place

The supermarket store in Edinburgh used an apostrophe as a comma. Credit: Jordan Ogg/Twitter

A Sainsbury's store has been left red-faced after it ended up putting the apostrophe of a new sign in the wrong place.

The Sainsbury's Local store at Bruntsfield Place in Edinburgh chose to use the apostrophe as a comma - placing it between 'Sainsburys and Local'.

Uh oh... Credit: Jordan Ogg

The supermarket giant responded to the error with horror, replying to Jordan Ogg who noticed the mistake: "Oh dear, Jordan! Not a good look....we'll get this fed back ASAP."

As always with these grammar errors, social media has gone wild, with users referencing other examples where apostrophes have gone wrong - including a furniture store with a shop sign reading "sofa's chair's recliner's bed's and a bathroom sign reading "ladie's toilet's."