Boy overwhelmed after missing toy goes on round-the-world adventure

A boy who lost his favourite stuffed toy has been reunited with his friend after a wave of support from social media users, ITV News Midlands Correspondent Ben Chapman reports

A boy who lost his favourite toy while on holiday was delighted after the bunny 'found his way home' following an epic around-the-world adventure.

Ethan McCann left his bunny, known as Peter Rabbit, on a bus in Devon in July.

But after his grandmother put an appeal out on social media, people from all over the world sent the six-year-old postcards, documenting Peter Rabbit's adventure.

He had cards from as far away as Japan - when Peter Rabbit went to the Olympics - and Australia, where he met his now-girlfriend Flopsy.

After two months away, Peter 'found' his way home - with luggage and girlfriend in tow - and the pair now go everywhere with Ethan.

Watch the heart-warming moment Ethan is 'reunited' with Peter Rabbit and his new girlfriend, Flopsy

Ethan, who lives in Redditch in Worcestershire, said: "I was on the bus and next thing we know, when we went off, I left him on the bus.

"We all cried and done so much, but he didn't come."

His grandmother, Roz Ainsworth, asked for help on Facebook in the hope someone would find him and send him back.

Instead, they received a postcard from Peter Rabbit at Wembley Stadium.

Ethan describes the moment he realised Peter had been left on the bus: 'I was so upset, I was crying'

They then continued to receive dozens of postcards from Peter from the likes of Japan, Australia, Paris, Austria and more.

Roz said: "I kept posting on Facebook group sites, hoping someone would find him. I just want to thank everyone who helped him on his way. It really made us all very happy."

She added: "We never gave up. A good rabbit never gives up."