Kate meets Holocaust survivors who became the Windermere Children

The Duchess of Cambridge has been speaking about a "powerful" meeting with Holocaust survivors who returned to the Lake District today - where they first went in 1945.

Called the 'Windermere Children,' a group of 300 came to the Lakes after they were liberated from the Nazi concentration camps at the end of the Second World War.

They spent time on the waters of Cumbria and walking in the mountains, at the start of their long process of recovery from the unimaginable horrors they suffered.

"I wanted to be able to meet some of the survivors," Kate wrote on Twitter, "to hear their stories."

"It was so powerful to hear how their time in the Lakes, enjoying outdoor recreation, sport and art therapy, allowed them to be able to begin to rebuild their lives and eventually, their families here in the UK."

"I lost all my family," one of the survivors told the Duchess.

The Duchess of Cambridge meets Jean Hersh and Arek Hersh in the steam launch Osprey on Windermere. Credit: PA

Icke Alterman and Arek Hersh spoke to Kate as they sailed in Lake Windermere and she heard how they were brought to the Lake District after the horrific life they had endured in the concentration camps and ghettos of Nazi Occupied Europe.

Icke Alterman said they went swimming and into mountains even though they did not, at that time, "speak one word of English."

Mr Alterman said: "It was a wonderful life for six months. We were free and we did what we wanted."

The Duchess of Cambridge meets relatives of the Windermere Children and television personality Robert Rinder on a visit to the Jetty Museum. Credit: PA

Among the survivors' relatives, the Duchess met was the TV presenter, Rob Rinder, from the ITV show Judge Rinder, whose own relatives were killed by the Nazis.

Last year, in an documentary programme, Mr Rinder learnt how members of his family had been shot and killed.

The Duchess of Cambridge had spent the day in the Lake District promoting the benefits of outdoor life.

The Duchess of Cambridge takes part in abseiling. Credit: PA

She had earlier opened a new adventure centre for the RAF Air Cadets and joined some of the cadets mountain biking and abseiling.

Kate is passionate about young people spending time outside to help their health and happiness, both physically and mentally.