Insulate Britain: Climate group spokesperson refuses to say whether his home is insulated

Liam Norton was questioned about his environmental credentials on Good Morning Britain

An environmental activist has stormed off ITV's Good Morning Britain after being accused of "hypocrisy" for urging the public to do more to tackle climate change while reportedly not insulating his own home.

Insulate Britain spokesperson Liam Norton was questioned over the group’s tactics on Wednesday morning - following days of sit-down protests which have caused chaos for thousands of motorists travelling on the M25.

"Why have you not insulated your own home for a start? Because I think where you are coming from is pure hypocrisy as well," panellist Dawn Neesom asked in the tense exchange.

Mr Norton replied: "Whether my home is insulated or not doesn't change the fact that millions of people's homes aren't insulated and aren't going to be."

Insulate Britain protesters on the M25 in Surrey Credit: Insulate Britain

Energy efficiency statistics indicate that his London home is single-glazed, has no cavity wall insulation and uses gas central heating, according to reports.

Mr Norton refused to confirm whether or not his home was insulated when pressed by GMB host Susanna Reid.

Mr Norton said the conversation was being "debased", stressing the focus should be on the challenges of fuel poverty and reminding presenters it cost "tens of thousands" to insulate a property.

He would not say whether or not he could afford to insulate his own home but added: "Millions of people in the country cannot afford to insulate their own home".

"What we are talking about is the future of our country. Our country is going to be destroyed if we don't get this sorted out," he said.

The already awkward interview seemed to reach fever pitch when the guest compared the Insulate Britain movement to Winston Churchill’s stand against fascism and Adolf Hitler. “Do you know how many MPs supported Churchill in 1937?”, Mr Norton asked the panel. “I don’t care,” GMB host Richard Madeley replied. Mr Norton continued: “Six MPs and Churchill was right wasn’t he, but only six supported him.”

He then angrily stormed off the set after Madeley retorted that the Churchill comparison was "the most twisted parallel I think I have ever heard."

You can watch the full Good Morning Britain interview here: