Shocking footage shows pedestrian almost hit by train as she walks on level crossing

Shocking footage from a level crossing shows the moments a woman in the Netherlands narrowly avoids death or serious injury as she is almost hit by a speeding train as she walks through the barrier.

The pedestrian can be seen running through the barrier before deciding to turn back, narrowly escaping death when the train comes barreling through.

It happened in the Dutch village of Ermelo, in the centre of the country earlier this month.

The Dutch rail network released the video as a warning to others and say these incidents have consequences.

"Unfortunately, drivers still see too often that people perform dangerous antics at level crossings and on the railways," ProRail, the company which maintains the Netherlands' railways said in a statement.

"They startle, brake and following trains are instructed by traffic control to drive past at a walking pace to prevent accidents. This causes a snowball effect, because all other trains on the route have to drive slower. As a result, many travelers arrive late at their destination."

ProRail said that an average of 30 accidents involving people on railway tracks take place each year, causing significant trauma for train drivers.