100-year-old man gifted Bentley car he used to chauffeur in 1960s

For his 100th Birthday Eddie Hughes was gifted the Bentley he chauffeured in the 1960s, ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent reports

Eddie Hughes never forgot the gleaming new Bentley he drove as a chauffeur in the mid-1960s.

He often spoke fondly of it to his family and of his sadness of having to bid it farewell after just a year at the wheel.

The car was special to Mr Hughes, he said: “I was king of the road, driving the best thing on four wheels and that was a great thrill!”

Eddie Hughes with his grandson James Coleman

So when he recently celebrated his 100th birthday, his family thought of the perfect gift for him.

The family found the Bentley for sale in America and with Eddie’s grandson James Coleman working as a motorsport engineer, the car was made road-ready again.

Mr Coleman said: “Grandad a huge inspiration in my life and he was the one who got me into mechanics.

“It’s fantastic to have it back here in our family after all these years. The level of nostalgia is just huge.”

Though Eddie Hughes won’t be able to drive the car very far since he’ll be turning in his license after 83 years, it is sure to live on in his family.