‘Historic moment’: Magician Megan Swann becomes The Magic Circle’s first female president

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers spoke to Megan Swann, the first female president of The Magic Circle, about her achievement.

Since its founding in 1905, The Magic Circle has been a very male-dominated institution, with women generally relegated to the role of the glamorous assistant.

But now, a female magician has made it to the top, becoming president of the organisation that opened its doors to women only 30 years ago.

Speaking to ITV News, magician Megan Swann called it an “historic moment”.

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“I’ve broken the glass ceiling and I’ve been the first. And I hope that would mean there’ll be many more women who join and reach these positions in the future”, she added.

Ms Swann’s magic also comes with a message - how we need to look after the planet - and she’s inspiring the next generation of keen wand-wavers.

“I love seeing people’s faces light up and hearing their gasps of surprise, and just knowing that everyone’s enjoying themselves, really”, Ms Swann said.