Fulham players celebrate with fan with cerebral palsy after he was mocked by trolls online

Fulham football club honour Rhys Porter after he was subjected to vile abuse online, Martha Fairlie reports

Rhys Porter is one of Fulham's biggest fans and watching his team score against Bristol City on Saturday proved to be a day he would never forget.

After his beloved team equalised in the 79th minute, the celebration went viral and turned him into an internet sensation.

Rhys has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and loves to play football for a disability team.

When he posted a TikTok video of him saving a goal, he was cruelly mocked online with a string of nasty comments.

Rhys is a goalkeeper for a disabled football team.

He said: "It made me feel quite sad and I wanted to quit football at one point but then my mum said I shouldn't and it might make me feel better."

So when Rhys watched his beloved Fulham in an away match on Saturday, the players knew exactly who to celebrate with.

Rhys was shocked to see the players running towards him, where they jumped into the crowd to give him a hug.

He said: "I had the best day of my life when they all came into the crowd and they celebrated with me.

"It was just phenomenal. My favourite player spotted me and pointed at me and they all came over."

Rhys was able to train with the Fulham players after being announced in the squad.

In reaction to the abuse he received Fulham also gave him an honorary place in the squad.

It was a dream come true for Rhys: "I'm in the line up on the website and it's just amazing!

"I'm third place goalkeeper, so three injuries and I'm in!"

The club also published a statement saying: "Everyone at Fulham has been completely inspired by Rhys.

"We wanted to show him just how impressed we've been with both his attitude in the face of adversity, and his commitment to helping others."