'Live your life': CBeebies first host with Down's Syndrome has upbeat message

CBeebies’ newest host, the first to have Down’s Syndrome, says you have to “live your life” after more than a million watched a video announcing his arrival.

A tweet posted by the popular children’s show to introduce George Webster, who has Down’s Sydrome, has been viewed 1.4 million times so far.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, he said he doesn’t see himself as “suffering” from Down’s Syndrome – it is a part of who he is.

“You have to take any opportunity because it’s always exciting and you have to live your own life and not let people tell you to live a different life,” he said.

Asked how he feels at being considered an inspiration, he said: “It does feel really, really good and I’d like to say dream big and live your life and hard work really pays off.”

George previously featured in a BBC Bitesize video to try to dispel the myths around Down’s Syndrome – which he said led to the approach from CBeebies.

Charity Mencap tweeted last week in response to his announcement video: “You are a brilliant role model so it is great you will have the chance to introduce yourself to so many people.”

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