Singapooch Airlines: Dog celebrates birthday with Business Class upgrade

Lewis swapped his kennel for a Business Class seat. Credit: Greyt Greys Rescue

There are many ways to get an upgrade on a flight: from telling the clerk at check-in it's your wedding anniversary to wearing your Sunday best.

Another trick is to have four legs, it would seem.

Lewis, a greyhound from Australia, was given the unexpected Business Class treatment as he flew with his owner from Melbourne to Italy to start a new life.

He was supposed to be in the cargo hold but instead was allowed to sit with his owner at the front of the plane on the quiet flight.

The well-behaved pooch was recently adopted from Greyt Greys Rescue, a charity which rescues former greyhound racing dogs.

And he proved the perfect passenger throughout the lengthy trip with Singapore Airlines, even celebrating his birthday with a special cupcake.

A kennel was swapped for a leather seat, as Lewis kept calm throughout and avoided any smelly calls of nature in his new surroundings as he flew across the world.

Greyt Greys Rescue wrote on Facebook: "Lewis made himself at home and was fine for the flights! No crying and no accidents.

"The flight crew said he was the best dog they've EVER had including fully trained service dogs. Lewis celebrated his birthday on the plane and was totally spoiled by the staff."

It was not just Lewis who received praise for their behaviour, social media users applauded the actions of Singapore Airlines.

"Lucky Lewis," one Facebook user commented. "Such a gentleman and what a great start to the rest of your new life. And hey - what an amazing mummy you found. Thank you Singapore Airlines for showing such sensibility - it’s a rare quality these days."

Another said: "Thank you Singapore Airlines for showing such warmth towards this sweet boy and his mum! I too have been looking into moving overseas with my Greyhound and would even be happy to pay extra if it meant I was able to fly with my girl in the cabin. I hope this is something you might continue to do offer, if so, you have a new customer for life."