Carrie Johnson says prime minister is committed to protecting rights of LGBT+ people

Carrie Johnson spoke at the annual LGBT+ pride reception hosted in partnership with Stonewall at the Conservative Party Conference. Credit: PA

Carrie Johnson has defended the Prime Minister’s track record on LGBT+ rights, saying her husband is "completely committed" to protecting gains and extending them further.

Her comments come amid continuing delays to a ban on conversion therapy promised by Boris Johnson's government earlier this year, following calls for its criminalisation.

It also comes after ITV News revealed the LGB alliance would have a stand at the Tory party conference.

The controversial group, which has been accused of being hostile to transgender people and trans rights, was declined a spot at the Labour Party conference.

The PM has also been criticised in past after he referred to gay men as "tank-topped bum boys" in a newspaper column.

But Ms Johnson praised her husband’s efforts and highlighted Conservative activists’ role in modernising the party.

As Mayor of London Boris Johnson takes part in London Pride. Credit: PA

Giving a speech at a Pride event on the fringes of the Tory conference on Tuesday, she said: "Whether you are LGBT+ or an ally like me we are all committed to equality and acceptance for everyone whoever you are and whoever you love.

"There are still those who tell me that being LGBT+ and a Tory is somehow incompatible, well, looking around me tonight, we can see that is blatantly untrue.

"Many of you here tonight have helped play a part in the journey our party has taken on gay rights and we can now say with huge pride that it was a Conservative prime minister who delivered equal marriage in England and Wales.

"I want you all to know that we now have a Prime Minister who is completely committed to accepting those gains and extending them further".

Boris Johnson wears a pink cowboy hat at the Pride London parade Credit: Anthony Delvin/PA

"Good", replied a member of the audience, before Ms Johnson went on to praise the PM's record on LGBT+ rights.

"Boris also wanted me to remind you that as mayor he led the pride parade wearing a rather fetching pink stetson, which I think we should encourage him to do again," Ms Johnson added to laughter.