Adele warns fans she 'might get in trouble' as she plays clip of new track Easy On Me on Instagram

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Adele played the clip from her home in Los Angeles. Credit: Instagram/Adele

Adele has given her fans a glimpse of her new comeback single on social media.

In an Instagram Live video she gave her followers a taste of her new track Easy On Me.

The singer said she “might get in trouble for playing it”.

The snippet the singer played is more of the same single she teased fans with earlier this week.

The multi-Grammy award-winning singer shared a short black and white video on Instagram and Twitter featuring the opening bars of a piano-led track titled Easy On Me.

Adele, 33, confirmed in the post that the song would be released on October 15.

In the clip, the singer is seen wearing her trademark black winged eyeliner before she inserts a cassette into a car stereo.

She then drives down a country lane while pieces of paper fly out of the windows of her car.

The snippet points towards the emotive kind of piano ballad the south London singer is best known for - but the video cuts out before any vocals are heard.

During the livestream which was posted late on Saturday night, Adele appeared to struggle with the technology and said she would get taught how to use Instagram Live before attempting it again.

She also took a number of questions from fans during the video.

When asked if she misses being in the UK, Adele responded: “Of course I miss the UK. So much.

“I’m normally there way more than recently, but because of all the travelling restrictions I haven’t been able to go.”

She added: “I’m not in London, no, I’m in LA. I can’t get there because of all the travel restrictions. It’s a nightmare.”

She was also asked about her appearance on US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

“They want you to be all panicky and stuff like that about how live it is,” she said.

“The show changes up until about half an hour before the actual show goes out live.

“But I loved it and I would definitely host it again.”

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Adele has not released an album since 2015’s 25 but she has confirmed she is working on a new record.

All three of her studio albums so far have been named after the milestone ages she hit during the creative process.

Fans believe her upcoming album will be called 30.

Earlier this week, Adele appeared on the cover of both the British and American editions of Vogue magazine.

It was the first collaboration of its kind in the magazine’s 129-year history, with each edition of the magazine featuring a different fashion shoot and interview.