La Palma volcano lava spills onto cement factory site as it continues destruction

Lava from the volcano hit a cement factory and industrial estate, ITV News' Chloe Keedy reports

Lava flowing from the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma is continuing to engulf buildings and has now reached a cement factory and industrial estate.

The stream of molton rock has destroyed more than 1,100 buildings in the area in the Canary Islands.

It has consumed homes, farms, swimming pools and industrial buildings in the largely agricultural area.

This week a further 800 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes - it adds to the 6,000 who fled hours after the first eruption on September 19.

New fissures erupted from the volcano earlier in October

Local official Julio Pérez said over the weekend the volcanic eruption, which began on September 19, is not expected to “end anytime soon”.

La Palma's economy depends on plantain farming and tourism and its tourism industry was already hit hard by the Covid pandemic.