Nokia brings back 'brick' 6310 with Snake and 22-day battery life in 20th anniversary celebration

Nokia 6310 old and new relaunched versions.
The classic old 'brick' (left) and the Nokia 6310 re-released 20 years after the original. Credit: HMD Global

Nokia is bringing back an updated version of its iconic 'brick' phone complete with 'Snake' and the long-lasting battery that won fans' hearts two decades ago.

HMD Global, maker of Nokia's phones, has given the cult classic 6310 a makeover for the modern era.

The fresh take on the old handset has been released in a nod to early-noughties nostalgia to celebrate the 6310's 20th birthday.

The handset achieved worldwide popularity in the early days of mobiles - beloved for its durability and trademark long battery life.

It earned the enduring nickname 'the brick' as users would film themselves dropping and stomping on the apparently indestructible phone.

The new Nokia 6310 features basic connectivity and apps. Credit: HMD Global

Nokia said the latest evolution would retain the tough polycarbonate shell and expand the long-last battery life to 22 days.

But it will also feature brand new bells and whistles - such as a camera.

Snake fans will also be able to play a version of the original, in a throwback to the low-tech mobile gaming of yesteryear.

Nokia has said its updated handset won't be an exact replica of its founding series, which was discontinued in 2005.

But the new model will include many of the original Nokia 6310's features, along with changes to its body and display.

What's new about the updated Nokia 6310?

Internet and apps

The 6310 is revived for the contemporary smartphone era featuring basic connectivity, and even apps.

The original handset first released in 2001 could send basic emails, texts and picture messages, and run simply applications including the popular Snake game. 

Users of the newfangled 6310 will still be able to connect to the internet, listen to news channels on wireless FM radio to tune into sports games or music stations on the go.


Nokia says the updated 6310 will also include a built-in 0.8 megapixel camera.

It will come in two colours - black and yellow - and feature bigger buttons, and a zoomed-in menu.

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The throwback handset will one feature recalled with wistful nostalgia by the 'brick's' fans old enough to recall simpler times of handheld phones.

Nokia claims the updated model will boast a 22-day battery life - meaning it will be able to run for weeks between charges on standby.

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How much will it cost?

The new Nokia 6310 will be available from today (Thursday, October 14) direct from its online store in Black and Yellow and is priced at £59.99. 

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Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global, said“They don’t make them like they used to is a phrase we’ve disowned.

"We still bring that signature build quality to all of our devices...

"The Nokia 6310 is back and better than ever.  

“For all feature phone lovers, it’s the original and iconic model and whilst its 2.8 inch curved window screen may be new, it still retains its familiar design and functionality."