'They talk but don’t do': Queen's 'irritation' at world leaders' climate inaction ahead of COP26

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship reports on the Queen's annoyance over the sluggish response to the climate crisis by some world leaders

The Queen has called world leaders’ inaction on tackling the climate crisis “irritating” in remarks overheard following her address to the Welsh Parliament.

Video and audio taken of the monarch talking to the Duchess of Cornwall and the Senedd's presiding officer Elin Jones, and transcribed by journalists present, show the three discussing the upcoming COP26 UN Climate Conference which will be held in Glasgow at the end of the month.

The audio appears to suggest the Queen saying: “Extraordinary isn’t it...I’ve been hearing all about COP...still don’t know who is coming...no idea”.

She is then reported to add: “We only know about people who are not coming... It’s really irritating when they talk, but they don’t do."

The Queen was attending the ceremonial opening of the sixth Senedd in Cardiff alongside the Prince of Wales and Camilla.

The Duchess of Cornwall is seen nodding and agreeing as the Queen speaks of her reservations about what is being done globally to tackle climate change.

In the exchange, journalists transcribed Ms Jones replying to the Queen: “Exactly, it is a time for doing — and watching your grandson (William) on the television this morning saying there’s no point going to space, we need to save the Earth”.

To which the Queen beamed and said: “Yes I read about it."

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Earlier on Thursday, the Duke of Cambridge called on the focus of the "world's greatest brains" to be on "trying to repair this planet" rather than blasting off into space.

William criticised the modern space race and space tourism in an interview set to air the day after Star Trek’s William Shatner made history by becoming the oldest person in space.

The Duke also echoed his grandmother’s words while speaking to BBC Newscast on BBC Sounds, where he warned the Cop26 summit against “clever speak, clever words but not enough action”.

'Government ministers don't comment on Her Majesty's comments' - Grant Shapps responds after the Queen expressed 'irritation' at world leaders' climate inaction

“I think for COP to communicate very clearly and very honestly what the problems are and what the solutions are going to be, is critical,” he said.

William will be attending the UK-hosted Cop26 conference alongside his father Prince Charles and the Queen in just over two weeks' time.

Asked about the Queen expressing "irritation" at world leaders' climate inaction, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told ITV News: "Government ministers don't comment on Her Majesty's comments'He added: "COP26 is the most important event when it comes to climate change, ever."