Record EuroMillions jackpot winner waking up £184 million richer

A lucky lottery ticket-holder has woken up on Saturday £184 million richer after scooping the record EuroMillions jackpot.

The winning numbers were: 49, 21, 26, 34, 31, with the Lucky Stars being: 05, 02.

And it was a lucky winner in France who took home the prize on Friday night.

The lottery draw means the French ticket holder becomes the biggest ever single EuroMillions winner, knocking an anonymous ticket holder in Switzerland off the top spot, who claimed £177 million in February.

Britons had the chance to win the record amount in the draw earlier this week, but nobody claimed the prize money, seeing it roll over for a second time.

Tuesday’s jackpot now sits at an estimated £14 million.

£184 million is a record Euromillions jackpot Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

Friday's winner can now count themselves richer than the singer Adele, whose net worth is £130 million, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

They can afford to buy a home in each of the top 10 priciest streets in the UK, including in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens, where the average house price is nearly £30 million.

The current British record holder is an anonymous £170 million who won in October 2019.

There have been five UK EuroMillions jackpot winners so far this year, including the anonymous winners of £122 million in April and £111 million in June.

Since 2004, there have been more than 1,400 EuroMillions draws, with France seeing the highest number of winners as the country boasts more than 833,000,000 lucky ticketholders.

The UK comes in as the second luckiest country Credit:

The UK follows closely behind with at least 716,000,000 winners, while Spain comes in third with almost 613,000,000. But the UK has the highest number of jackpot winners, claiming more than 22% of all jackpot scoops with 114 lucky ticketholders.

An anonymous winner in Switzerland bagged the biggest ever jackpot of £177 million in February.

This was less than three months after a ticketholder in France scooped £170 million in December 2020.

In third place is Britain, with the country's biggest ever lottery winner, who received a jackpot of £170 million in October 2019, but decided to remain anonymous.

The second largest prize won in Britain went to Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir in 2011, who received £161 million and spent some of their winnings on a £3.5 million mansion and cars.

The couple split in 2019 and later that year Colin died after a short illness.

Britain's top lottery winners: Colin and Chris Weir Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

In 2012, Suffolk-based couple Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the second biggest jackpot in Britain of £148 million and used some of the winnings to buy a manor house for £6.5 million.

They divorced 15 months after their win.