Kerala: Landslides and heavy rain leaves at least 28 dead in India

Footage from one village shows the path of the landslide as a community tries to recover

At least 28 people have died following heavy rainfall in the southern Indian stage of Kerala over the weekend.

The rain caused flash floods and landslides across the state, resulting in the army and navy being called upon to rescue residents in need.

At least 23 people died in Kottayam and Idukki districts, among the worst hit while more than 9,000 people have taken shelter in over 200 camps across the state, officials said.

A man is led to safety by rescuers. Credit: PA

Of the deceased, 13 were killed after a landslide in the village of Kuttikkal."There were four landslides that happened there yesterday [Saturday], the hill behind me, which brought water and other items downwards," a local resident told ANI on Sunday.

PK Jayasree, a government official in Kottayam district where the landslide happened, said almost half of the fatalities were from an individual family."One family completely lost six members," he said.

The region was hit by floods in 2018. Credit: AP

More rainfall is predicted in the region but it is expected to ease off, allowing some weather warnings to be withdrawn.Kerala suffered the worst floods in a century in 2018, which killed at least 400 people and displaced a further 200,000.