Timpson praised for offering free HRT prescriptions for workers going through the menopause

Timpson storefront in Wolverhampton when it was closed for Covid lockdown.
Credit: PA
The company is offering staff the ability to claim for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) costs. Credit: PA

Shoemending chain Timpson has been praised for offering to pay for employees' menopause medication.

Timpson announced staff going through the challenging life change will be able to claim for their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on company expenses.

The firm's CEO, James Timpson, tweeted the announcement to all staff at the high street cobbler and key-cutting retailer.

He said the offer was being introduced company-wide to mark World Menopause Day.

The move was met with widespread approval on social media on Monday, sparking praise for the company's employment practices.

Mr Timpson wrote on Twitter: "From today all my colleagues can claim on expenses their prescription costs when they are recommended HRT.

"It’s so important that we support our colleagues going through the menopause."

HRT is a hormone-based treatment commonly prescribed to provide relief for menopause symptoms.

The menopause, which typically occurs between ages 45-55, can cause hot flashes and sweating, heavy and painful periods, low mood and anxiety.

Some Twitter users praising the decision suggested other companies should follow suit.

Labour MP Jess Phillips wrote: "Honestly Timpsons are such a lovely company."

Writer Otegha Uwagba wrote: "Imagine if more business leaders ran their companies the way Timpsons is run."

Writing in the Sunday Times in July, Mr Timpson said it is important the difficulties of going through the menopause are recognised in the workplace.

He said women must not fear they could receive a warning letter or be sacked if their health struggles affect their work during their menopausal period.

According to a profile in a Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust publication, Timpson revamped its wellbeing strategy after acquiring a string of companies with female-dominated workforces.

The family-owned business has had a history of plaudits for its employment practices, which includes awarding bonuses for achieving targets.

Staff-members get their birthdays off and are given access to holiday homes owned by the company.

Mr Timpson, who is the great, great-grandson of founder William Timpson, has also been praised for employing former offenders across the group, and running training in some prisons.

The company has frequently ranked in the top 10 of the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For.