World's largest Byzantine wine factory uncovered in Israel

The world's largest Byzantine vineyard has been uncovered in Israel, believed to be over 1,500 years old.

The discovery of the wine factory that produced a vintage-dated 500 A.D and is the biggest site of its kind ever unearthed.

After analysis of grape seeds found there the archaeologists believe the wine produced there was a light white.

Clay wine pots like this one have been found in the UK Credit: ITV

They have also found remnants of clay bottles that were used to store the wine, similar bottles have been found as far as the UK.

"This was a well-travelled wine, it was a well-known wine, it was a prestigious product," says chief archaeologist John Seligman.

The Byzantines were the remains of the Roman empire after the western half of its territory collapsed around 475A.D.

They ruled over much of modern-day Israel and the middle east for hundreds of years.